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MCE’s policy discussions: Opportunity to hear more about current regulatory and political topics

As leaders and innovators for the trucking industry, it is so important that we support the industry and help prepare fleets for lasting success in a changing market. At DriverFacts, we’re proud to stand beside the foremost industry experts, sharing our knowledge and doing our part to strengthen this industry’s future. MCE’s policy discussions allow attendees to hear from top industry leaders, experts and government officials about current regulatory and political topics. This is your opportunity to learn more about how policies effect areas that fit your interests or expertise.

The ATA policy committee meetings take place several times throughout the conference. ATA committees include:

  • Communications and Image
  • Environmental and Energy
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Highway Policy
  • Independent Contractor
  • Insurance Task Force
  • Labor and Regulatory
  • Safety Policy
  • Small Carrier
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Tax
  • Technology and Engineering
  • Automated Truck Subcommittee

As an MCE attendee, you will have the opportunity to check out several of these committee meetings during the conference. We encourage you to take advantage of the scheduling to attend as many as possible. The most practical way to make this industry better, impact policy changes and combat the most important issues facing trucking today is to get involved. We invite you, as fellow stakeholders in this industry, to join us in learning what you can do to make a difference.

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