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FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse rule: White paper resource available from DriverFacts

The Federal Motor Carrier Association’s (FMCSA) Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse rule goes into effect in early 2020. Although the rule’s start date still feels like it’s far off in the future, it’s important that carriers recognize the inevitable effects on the transportation industry and what steps they can take to prepare. The final rule is designed to help FMCSA and motor carriers recognize commercial drivers who are barred from operating commercial vehicles because of drug and alcohol violations and refusals-to-test.

As management or an executive at a motor carrier, it’s up to you to ensure your company is ready for when the rule begins. DriverFacts recently published a new white paper designed to help businesses like yours navigate the implications of the new rule. The white paper, titled “Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse: The Ultimate Blind Date”, takes an in-depth look at how the clearinghouse rule will affect motor carriers like yours and what you can do to prepare for the looming implementation date.

This white paper answers the most frequently asked questions about the rule and analyzes all of the important details, including: final rule requirements; added responsibilities for employers and carriers; obligations for each reporting entity; and differences between full and limited queries. It also explains how records will be made available under the rule and outlines what steps your carrier will need to take to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act.

At DriverFacts, we are always looking for ways to help carriers transition to new and changing policies in order to stay compliant. Our white paper clarifies many of the confusing and unclear aspects of the clearinghouse rule so that the information is easier to understand.

DriverFacts’ Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse: The Ultimate Blind Date white paper can be downloaded here.  

For answers to your questions or for more information about how DriverFacts can assist you and your motor carrier with your D&A testing process documentation and submissions to the clearinghouse, visit or give us a call at (888) 844-4730 x803.

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