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DriverPortal Available to All Carriers

May, 2016 (Anaheim, Calif.) – DriverFacts, an online service that makes it possible for trucking companies to securely and efficiently manage commercial drivers’ employment and safety records, recently announced that its DriverPortal is now available to all non-member motor carriers.

“The DriverPortal is just one of the many resources we offer, but it is a significant one because of its unique ability to streamline, automate and document the often cumbersome process of submitting, receiving and responding to driver requests for corrections and rebuttals,” said Dave Widly, president and CEO of DriverFacts.

The DriverPortal ( automates driver requests for corrections (RFCs) and rebuttals for information appearing on employment records, including dates of employment, reportable or preventable accident records, and positive drug and alcohol tests from the last three years. Carriers who are current DriverFacts members continue to receive access to the DriverPortal as part of their membership benefits, but now non-member carriers can also use the site for a monthly fee.

Using the DriverPortal, drivers can easily submit an RFC or rebuttal to participating motor carriers from a computer or mobile device. Upon submission, notification is automatically sent to the motor carrier who can then process the request electronically. The DriverPortal makes it easier for drivers to have an active role in the maintenance of their employment records and for employers to comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations.

According to the FMCSA 49 CFR §391.23, motor carriers have 15 days to either correct and forward the information to the prospective employer or notify the driver if they do not agree to make the driver’s requested correction. Upon receiving a rebuttal from a driver previously employed by the company, carriers have five business days to forward the rebuttal to the prospective motor carrier employer and add the rebuttal to the driver’s information on file.

“It’s why we do this – we work to help carriers remain compliant while giving each driver a voice,” said Widly. “From a driver’s perspective, the automated process is an improvement over the time-consuming alternative, which reflects directly on the employer. From a carrier’s perspective, the less time they spend responding to driver requests/rebuttals, the more time they can spend on growing their business.”

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