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DriverFacts’ Drug and Alcohol System Assists Carriers with FMCSA Survey Requests

February 16, 2017 (Anaheim, Calif.) – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced January 17 that it had begun notifying select carriers for its Annual Drug and Alcohol Information Survey. The process to collect the necessary data required for submission within the compliance timeframe can be intimidating and time-consuming.  DriverFacts’ Drug & Alcohol Assistant program makes the whole testing process trackable, efficient and accurate, making these types of requests headache-free for carriers.


            “Our Drug & Alcohol Assistant makes it easy to access anything in the system instead of having to pull files by hand,” said Dave Widly, president and CEO of DriverFacts. “Whether it’s a single file request or the results from an entire year, we can help carriers stay compliant.”


            When the FMCSA requests a previous year’s USDOT drug and alcohol testing program results, carriers must comply within 60 days, which is March 15 this year. The necessary data can be obtained in a matter of a few minutes with the Drug & Alcohol Assistant program. Failure to comply can result in civil penalties.


            “We created this program because we saw a huge need in the transportation industry to help connect the dots between all parties involved in a more streamlined fashion,” Widly said. “It’s been greatly successful, along with our DriverFacts system, in helping carriers securely and efficiently manage commercial drivers’ employment and safety records and staying compliant with industry regulations.”


            The Drug & Alcohol Assistant from DriverFacts is a customizable, user-friendly solution to a process that is often cumbersome. The program features automatic random list generation, accurate MIS report processing, collection tracking and up-to-date documentation. It allows carriers to continue using their preferred collectors and testing sites, simplifies the process with built-in security, and saves carriers time by facilitating and speeding up the hiring process. For more information about the Drug & Alcohol Assistant and other services from DriverFacts, call (888) 844-4730 x805 or visit

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