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DriverFacts’ Drug and Alcohol Assistant Crucial to Carrier Workflow

August 12, 2016 (Anaheim, Calif.) – The process for carriers to ensure compliance with DOT drug and alcohol regulations can be overwhelming because there are testing requirements for pre-hire screening, reasonable suspicion and after accidents, as well as annual random tests. DriverFacts, an online service that allows trucking companies to securely and efficiently manage commercial drivers’ employment and safety records, saw a need in the industry to help connect the dots between all parties involved. The company’s Drug & Alcohol Assistant program makes the process trackable and more efficient while keeping accuracy a priority.

“DriverFacts’ Drug & Alcohol Assistant gives our clients real-time results. At any given time, a designated employer representative (DER) can see exactly whether a driver has taken a test, where the sample is or if there are any issues,” said Dave Widly, president and CEO of DriverFacts. “It gives carriers more control over the process, allows them to store information in one place, and makes it easy to access anything in the system instead of having to pull files by hand.”

The program features automatic random list generation, accurate MIS report processing, collection tracking and up-to-date documentation. It allows carriers to continue using their preferred collectors and testing sites and simplify the process with built-in security to allow for different levels of information access. The Drug & Alcohol Assistant also monitors the information in the background constantly so it can indicate whether there might be a lab mistake or if there are any issues to address.

It is a user-friendly solution to an often cumbersome process and saves carriers time by facilitating and speeding up the hiring process. Not only does the program follow DOT regulations, but it also considers each client’s company policy if there are additional requirements. Additionally, in the event that DOT regulators request information from a carrier, the data can be obtained within a matter of a few minutes.

“We thought our old system worked well, but compared to DriverFacts, it was totally archaic,” said Renee Hanes, DER for Swift Transportation, a client of DriverFacts that processes close to 50,000 records per year. “The program is custom to what we need as a transportation company, what’s going to keep us compliant and what’s going to make the process run smoothly."

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