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Driverfacts Announces New Features with McLeod Loadmaster Integration

August 31, 2017 (Anaheim, Calif.) – DriverFacts is pleased to announce exciting updates to its integration with McLeod Software’s LoadMaster interface for driver work history data. These new integration features are designed to save LoadMaster users time and money by freeing up resources and personnel for other tasks. DriverFacts and McLeod are offering a free 75-day trial of the new LoadMaster Interface with DriverFacts so potential members can try it out before committing.

LoadMaster is an enterprise-wide software solution for trucking companies that facilitates a fully integrated trucking dispatch operations management system. This includes a complete accounting software solution created specifically for the transportation industry. By integrating DriverFacts with the LoadMaster interface, users can send driver work history data automatically and securely. New integration features for 2017 include the ability to report drug test refusals for drivers and pre-employed drivers, driver’s license and expiration, and medical certificate expiration.

“Now, fleets can instantly convert their human resources driver databases into an employment verification system capable of delivering verification reports that adhere to both DOT regulations and individual company policies to prospective employers,” said Dave Widly, president and CEO of DriverFacts. “The simple plug and play integration eliminates the cost of expensive IT resources for implementation and reduces the workload for HR and Safety departments so that members can start recognizing ROI immediately.”

The new integration features allow LoadMaster to communicate directly with DriverFacts to send vital DOT-required data, including DOT reportable accidents, drug alcohol positives, and employment dates. The McLeod interface uses a secure file transfer to send updates to DriverFacts, which can be set up to update automatically daily or manually when immediacy is required. DriverFacts also provides various daily reports to help carriers make use of the information verifications can provide. For example, there is a report that shows the Member carrier which trucking companies are searching for their drivers and another report that tells the Member carrier which drivers have applied for a job with another carrier.

All reports and verification requests are digitally archived and able to be retrieved at any time. Using the McLeod interface with DriverFacts ensures members keep their safety and human resources departments DOT compliant. In order to use the LoadMaster Interface with DriverFacts, users must have LoadMaster version 10.0 or higher. DriverFacts offers free training and discounted reports for its members.


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