About Us

As an extension of our members' own compliance departments, DriverFacts crafts custom solutions that automate processes such as DOT-mandated work history verification requests from prospective employers. By providing required information in a cost-effective and timely manner, DriverFacts solutions, including the Drug and Alcohol Assistant, SMART System work history verification, DriverPortal and more, free your company from manual processes. Enjoy paperless storage, automatic image archiving and DOT compliance while retaining data ownership. DriverFacts drives employee efficiencies and operational cost savings while delivering customized and accurate information from a trusted customer service team that is second to none.

DriverFacts maximizes your productivity by freeing your company from time wasted on tedious paperwork, phone calls, and processes, allowing you to focus on safety, because a safer fleet is a more profitable fleet.

  • Real information in real time
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Dependable paper trail (without the paper!)
  • Data security  
  • Service beyond expectations

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